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Model Motion Of Support & Invitation to Affiliate

1)      We note with concern the pre-election commitment of the leaders of all three major parties that public services will be cut in order to fund the public budget deficit.

2)      We deplore the attacks made by David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Lord Adonis together with the right wing media on those workers trying to defend their rights, conditions and pay such as the     BA cabin crew.

3)      We believe that working people should not have to pay for a deficit caused by this government nationalising the gambling debts run up by the bankers.

4)      We also note that cuts are already being implemented in higher education, council services, schools and the NHS even before the introduction of any overall austerity package.

5)      We deplore the attempts by unelected European Union and International Monetary Fund officials to foist a full blooded austerity package on the people of Greece where pensions and wages are being cut and services slashed, but welcome the resistance being shown by Greek trade unionists, pensioners and students.

6)      We welcome the decision of the Right to Work campaign to hold an emergency post-election conference on Saturday 22 May aimed at uniting workers, students, pensioners and all those rely on   public services in building and developing attacks on our services, jobs and living standards.

7)      This body agrees to support the conference and to send …. delegate/s.

8)      Further we agree to affiliate to the Right to Work campaign.

 To affiliate to the national Right to Work campaign (cost £30 – send cheques payable to Manchester TUC and marked “RtW Affiliation” to the above address.)
Delegate costs for 22 May, £8 per delegate, cheque payable to Manchester TUC to the above address, enclose name/s of delegates, body they represent and contact details.

Amnesty International Pre-Election Meeting

Amnesty International Pre-Election Meeting

 Demo Outside Sainsbury’s To “Bycot Israeli Goods” 

The Voice of Anti-Capitalism in Guildford got together with the Peace & Justice Movement and members of the community in Guildford to demonstrate opposition to Israeli goods. A vigil was held outside Sainsbury’s, Guildford High Street in support of the Palestinians. A dozen people stood outside Sainsbury’s, handed out leaflets and spoke to shoppers.

  Demo Outside Sainsbury's To "Bycot Israeli Goods""Boycot Israeli Goods" Demo outside Sainsbury's, Guildford High Street Surrey United Anti-Capitalist Society
Much of the food exported to britain is produced on occupied Palestinian land. Held against international law and in violation of United Nations resolutions. Boycot Israeli Goods!!

Botom-Of-Post - Protest