…….But we all know that where there’s a Liberal there’s a con.

The Liberal Democrats said they were “fully behind the coalition” after four more of their ministers were taped slating their Conservative partners in government.

The student demonstrations, together with the growing resistance to the cuts from the wider labour movement, have got the coalition on the ropes. The more protestations we read in the right-wing media that the coalition is safe, the more it is confirmed that the coalition is falling apart.

On 13th November 1990, Margaret Thatcher, (may she die in pain) using a cricketing metaphor said:
 “I am still at the crease. And in case anyone doubted it, can I assure you there will be no ducking the bouncers, no stonewalling, no playing for time. The bowling’s going to get hit all round the ground. That is my style.”
On the 22nd November, Thatcher was briefing the media of her intention to stand down.

The disclosures have exacerbated tensions within the coalition and embarrassed both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. The most damaging extracts were published on Tuesday which led to the Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable being stripped of powers after saying he was “declaring war” on News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch.

Lib Dem lawmakers were recorded criticising senior Conservatives by undercover reporters posing as local voters in a sting operation for the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The paper said on Thursday it had recorded David Heath, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, criticising George Osborne, while local government minister Andrew Stunell cast doubt on the sincerity of Prime Minister David Cameron.

“George Osborne has the capacity to get up one’s nose, doesn’t he?” Heath was quoted as saying. “I mean, what I think is, some of them just have no experience of how ordinary people live, and that’s what worries me.”

Stunell reportedly said he did not know where to place Cameron on the “sincerity monitor” while junior health minister Paul Burstow was said to have commented: “I don’t want you to trust David Cameron … in the sense you believe he’s suddenly become a cuddly Liberal. Well, he hasn’t.”

Sham Coalition
The Lib Dems have seen their support plummet from a pre-election high of 22% to this week’s paltry 8%. The Lib Dems are little more than criminals for supporting cuts they had pledged to oppose whilst in opposition.

Even Ed Miliband chipped in saying it showed that the Lib Dems were just passengers in a “sham” coalition, propping up the Conservative-led administration.

I give the government until June at the very latest. The two biggest dates in its coming demise is the TUC demonstration at the end of March and the local elections in May. It’s the moral duty of us all to give the government a push on both these dates. It would be criminal to sit back and wait for the government to fall.

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